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The Vintage Barrel Collection

Vintage Barrel Collection

The Vintage Barrel Collection is made up of reclaimed barrel and tank products from the beverage and food storage/aging industries. Though primarily focused on the wine industry, we occasionally run tequila, whiskey, pickle and water storage vessels.

These products are dimensionalized for use over most flat surfaces. The may be applied glued, nailed, or both. They are not approved for floating installations.

  • Though primarily offered as an engineered product, some solid goods, such as veneers, first walls, and ceilings, are available.
  • The engineered products are Speed-Strip, which is one veneer wide by up to 8' long. It is typically 4' long strips.
  • Flooring grade finish is applied in a satin sheen.
  • Acclimation is unnecessary. Take it directly out of the carton and install.
  • The standard Vintage Barrel Collection lines are approved for interior applications only.

The Vintage Barrel Collection