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About Fontenay

Gabriel McKeagney

Gabriel McKeagney hails from a village called Tempo, in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. He is a fifth-generation McKeagney whose ancestors were known for their mastery of coachbuilding and furniture making in the village since 1835. As a child, Gabriel’s father, Johnny, showed Gabriel the family hand tools and equipment used to make a cart wheel, or a bellow to wind the forge. Gabriel was hooked, and pledged to learn the trade.

Gabriel apprenticed in his village, and, in his early 20s, manufactured furniture on his grandfather’s site. In his mid-20s, he broadened his horizons in both London and New York. He then came west to southern California in his late 20’s. He built a life, and has been settled here with his family for over 25 years.

Gabriel’s focus in Southern California has been high-end residential and commercial woodwork. He continues to master the art of furniture design and manufacture. He has won several national awards, including Custom Woodworking Business’s Best in Show in 2009 for his innovative Wine Cellar design. Gabriel’s work is renowned for being well-designed, aesthetically-balanced, and masterfully-executed for the space and style intended.

Tim Erisman

Tim is an experienced global corporate manager who successfully transitioned to the wood products industry by leveraging his background as a sales, management and financial professional from Mohawk Industries, United Technologies, and PNC Financial. More recently, he innovated solid and engineered wood products specified throughout North America in flooring, decking, cabinetry and millwork. He successfully launched, grew, acquired, integrated and wound up companies in North America, Africa, Asia and Central/South America. Tim has over 18 years of experience in the exotic wood and flooring industries. He’s known for bringing innovative and creative solutions to most of the industries he’s touched. Tim has his MSIA from Purdue University.


Where do the Fontenay barrels come from?

Fontenay barrels’ previous purpose was for aging wine, pickling olives, or flavoring whiskey.

What are the barrels made of?

The barrels are made of Clear Quarter sawn French and American oak for strength and stability.

How do I clean wine barrel flooring?

You should use your favorite traditional wood floor cleaner.

What is intarsia?

Intarsia is an old-world wood craftsmanship for making pictures out of many pieces and species of wood.

What is marquetry?

Marquetry is a highly precise form if inlaying veneers and performed by highly skilled artisans in the tradition of the finest French and Italian craftsmen.